The Namibian Dolphin Project | 2011 June

Intern Alumni

2011 June,

15 days at sea, 74 hours. Necropsies of stranded killer whale and Heaviside’s dolphin calves

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Kuan Li – China/USA – Boston University

Kassler Peh – Singapore – National University of Singapore

Melanie Ngo – USA – Calafornia State, Monterey

Hannah Murphy – USA – Boston College

Cayla Ranice – Canada – Dalhousie University


Update from Kuan Li  in Feb 2012:  I am now doing an Economics MA degree and a Philosophy BA degree in Boston University.  The best thing I learnt from Namibian dolphin project is the wildness of nature and how human interact with such wildness. I enjoyed the time in Walvis Bay and if I have the chance I will certainly experience more in this field.