The Namibian Dolphin Project | 2017 July – August

Intern Alumni

2017 July – August,

6 interns, 17 sea days, 79:17 hours at sea, 3 stranding surveys at a flamingo dissection

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Freddie McKendrick – University of Leeds, UK

Catherine Nadin – University of Leeds, UK

Agnes Torres – Ibiza, Spain 

Ashley Cook – University of Miami Rosenstiel School, USA 

Emma Longden – University of Plymouth, UK

Darren de Silva – London, UK 









In other news: 

Emma Longden was selected as the winner of the National Marine Aquarium Prize for the Best Project relating to issues in Marine Conservation at Plymouth University.

Emma worked in signature whistles from the Namibian bottlenose dolphin population – using data recorded over many months at Aphrodite beach