The Namibian Dolphin Project | 2010 June

Intern Alumni

2010 June,

Our very first intern team of 5. 17 days at sea and a two live strandings!

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Jessica Kent – USA – University of Akron

Sanja Heikilla – Finland – University of Joensuu

Melanie Ngo – USA – Cal State, Monterey

Heidi Etter – USA – Masters Degree at Old Dominion University. Heidi completed her Masters and came back to work with the NDP in 2011 as our Intern manager and begin developing our Community Outreach Programme

Tara Dolan – USA – University of Miami, now in Grad school at U Miami.

An update form Tara Dolan (Jan 2012):  I am a second year graduate student at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in the Marine Affairs and Policy Department.  I work under the supervision of Joe Serafy in the Protected Resources division of NOAA-NMFS at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC).  I’m studying the ecology of mangrove fish communities in South Florida.  I also work part time for NOAA’s Science Planning division as a communications specialist.  I spend my summers underwater, diving and counting fish on the coral reefs of the Florida Keys as part of SEFSC’s Reef Visual Census (RVC) program.

The Namibian Dolphin Project is an excellent program for anyone who wants to pursue a passion for marine mammal science. Even though I decided on a different path in marine science, the experience I gained during my summer in Namibia has been indispensible to me in my career thus far.  I enjoyed the hands-on time in the field and getting to participate in data collection and stranding response.  It was a great way to gain a solid understanding of what real fieldwork on a real research project is all about and decide if research was something I would want to pursue. I loved it! I met absolutely wonderful people and had probably the best summer of my life.   We worked hard, but the rewards were great. Namibia is a beautiful country. I can’t wait to return.