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The Namibian Dolphin Project is not currently in a position to offer student bursaries for any specific projects.  However, we hold several sizeable, multi-year databases of mark-recapture, acoustic and line transect data on multiple cetacean species in Namibia, as well a growing body of tissue and skeletal specimens from strandings.  Much of this information is currently being processed by our team, but there is a lot of opportunity for further analysis and developing new projects and questions.

Thus, we welcome collaboration from experienced students, post-docs and professionals who may be interested in tackling specific questions, working with us on developing new projects or using our data for comparative studies.

With the rapidly growing industrialisation and coastal development occurring in both the Walvis Bay and Luderitz areas – especially large scale harbour expansion – there is considerable scope for investigating long term responses and changes in the behaviour and communities of the coastal dolphin populations. We have developed a project plan to tackle some of these questions using a multi-pronged approach and are currently seeking funding for field and student support for these projects.


If you are interested in working with us at any level – please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly through email or via the Contact form.