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Equipment wish list,

Marine research is expensive and requires a lot of equipment. It’s not all specialized, and you may be in a place to donate or buy something we need – please take look through the list we’ve provided

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The Namibian Dolphin Project needs lots of equipment to get our work done. If you or your company are in a position to support our research through buying or donating equipment, we’ve provided a list below of some items we need or would like.


Under R5000

Hand held GPS


Pelican Case (waterproof and crush proof equipment cases)

Fuel for surveys – R1000 per day

HTI Hydrophone

Software – Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Matlab


R5000 – R30 000

High Powered Laptop Computer – we need a high powered computers to collect real time acoustic data from towed hydrophone array – eg. Lenovo W520 with 8GB RAM and top processor

Panasonic Toughbook – ‘Ruggedised’ laptop with long battery life – needed to collect real time theodolite tracking data and collection of single hydrophone recordings of Heaviside’s dolphins at sea on small boats.

Canon SLR Camera Body: 7D, 50D or similar        Essential for all our ID photos

Canon 100-400mm L-series Zoom Lens                   Essential for all our ID photos

Digital SLR camera and 300mm lens (any make) – to distribute to tour vessels for whale ID photos when we can’t be on the water.


R30 000<

Beach buggy:   We need regular access to beaches to survey for stranded cetaceans and turtles and access remote land based observation sites.

New 4×4 Double Cab: We’ve been using Simon’s car for 3 years now and it’s just about rusted through! – Essential equipment for launching and towing the boat and accessing beaches.

Boat motors: we’re buying new motors for Nanuuq, but are still seeking full or partial sponsorship for them – R150 000


The Dream List

A new research boat – 6 to 8m RIB to replace the aging Nanuuq.

A yacht that sleeps 6-8 people. This will allow us access to remote sections of coast and offshore waters.